This video is about Ricci family and its cooking tradition, handed down from one generation to another, from father to son. The son himself, Tiziano Ricci, decided to reinterpret the family tradition giving to the Brand “Ricci – Pizzaioli dal 1963” a new suit, with a robe at step with the times and catchy with the aim of exporting and divulging the brand throughout the world.
For over 50 years we have been preparing our products with the same passion of the first day. Consuming a meal is an experience that must be enjoyed to the full... in every moment.
Here there is one of the specialties included in our new menu: il pizzaburger!
You know what the “uccelletti”are?Find out them in this video where we involved our tourists in a fun quiz about typical products of Taranto.
We have invited two very special guests to give our customers and their "little ones" all the magic and charm of Christmas. It is noted that at Christmas everyone is better, we are all year round!
In the Pizzeria ai Portici of Ricci since 1963, the first historical sales point of the family, we are constantly striving to find new proposals and food pairings to serve our customers to always offer them the best.